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Meet Meshela.  Founder and CEO

Do you need a Personal and Business Tax Professional who will work harder to get you the biggest  tax return possible, or at least help you minimize your tax bill? 

Meet Meshela  

Do you need a Bookkeeper and Payroll Professional who is going to walk you through the complicated world of business returns and preparation, no matter how complex your income might be?

Meet Meshela

Do you need a Notary Professional who is authorized to perform acts in legal affairs?  Or relying on trust and technology to administer oaths and affirmations?


Meet Meshela


Meshela's Philosophy behind the 3D's 

DEVELOP I have a passion for figures and scrupulous attention to detail.  I have developed a brand to be proud of through diligence and hard work.

DISCOVER My daily challenge is to research and discover new benefits to my clients.  I have discovered how to quickly attract business from several local firms who depend on my team to deliver daily and weekly reports.

DISPLAY   I love to display a level of dynamic service. Seeing this level of service builds trust and unchains you from your calculator and frees up your valuable time.

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